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Alliances with complementary partners are important for maximizing our success. Amarin seeks to be the ‘partner-of-choice’ for companies that aim to develop and commercialize innovative products in the cardiovascular and synergistic therapeutic areas.

Amarin develops and commercializes therapeutics that address unmet medical needs. Our business development group serves an important function of sourcing innovative products that complement our internal development and commercialization activities. Building alliances with complementary partners underlies our accomplishments to date and will help ensure our future success.

Why Partner with Amarin?
Amarin has a proven track record in identifying and consummating partnerships that create significant shareholder value for both parties. We recognize that each partner has unique needs, challenges and internal considerations that must be addressed prior to entering into a deal. Amarin can address these complexities and ensure expedient execution as a result of its flexibility, creativity, focus, high energy and perseverance. In addition to its corporate culture, commitment to partnering and perspective on deal-making, Amarin believes it is an excellent partner due to the following attributes:

  • Proven R&D capabilities:
    • Successfully completed 2 pivotal Phase III registration studies
    • In late stages of conducting a global 8,000 patient CV outcomes trial in 11 countries across more than 400 clinical sites
  • Experienced regulatory team with a track record of supporting worldwide product registration
  • Fully integrated commercial team experienced in product launches across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Effective and established US-based field teams (Sales, Managed Care, Medical)
  • Access to and relationships with world-renowned key opinion leaders and researchers in the cardio-metabolic space

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Globalization / Out-Licensing Effort

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partnerships and available opportunities


In-Licensing / Acquisitions of Medicines

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for R&D and commercial partnerships

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therapeutics to improve
cardiovascular health.

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