Amarin seeks to leverage its core strengths and collaborate with others to create value. Toward that end, Amarin has a network of experienced commercial partners for VASCEPA® (icosapent ethyl) in focused geographies around the world where we do not intend to create our own commercial teams. This important prescription drug is currently marketed and sold through commercial partners in Canada, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates with submissions seeking approval of this prescription drug under regulatory reviews in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Amarin intends to expand its international network of commercial partners after securing reimbursement levels for the product in Europe. In addition, Amarin is partnered with a network of highly capable and reliable manufacturers to ensure the highest quality production for VASCEPA.

Amarin is also interested in potentially in-licensing products, product-candidates and intellectual property when opportunistically attractive. Building alliances with complementary partners underlies our accomplishments to date and will help enhance our potential future successes.

Companies that align with Amarin’s goals are encouraged to consider providing capabilities and proposals. Our preference is to partner with innovative high-quality companies demonstrating significant commitment to VASCEPA.

Contact Amarin’s Business Development Team:

[email protected]

Why Partner with Amarin?

  • Exceptional research, development and regulatory affairs team capable of efficiently and effectively overseeing clinical trials large and small
  • Track record of successful collaboration with medical, scientific and academic leaders, institutions and companies through the world
  • Broad success in securing payer coverage through managed care
  • Significant commercial footprint in United States with more than 700 sales representatives calling on primary care physicians, cardiologists and endocrinologists
  • Emerging commercial organization in Europe
  • Demonstrated commitment to improving patient care and improving value
  • Positive reputation for integrity, follow-through and innovation