...to stop cardiovascular disease 

from being a leading 

cause of death.

Leading a new paradigm in cardiovascular care and growing our impact for patients globally

Amarin Corporation is focused on a BOLD vision to stop cardiovascular disease from being a leading cause of death. Our goal is to create a new paradigm in CVD management and to make a life-changing impact on patients’ lives globally.

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Find out how Amarin is developing and commercializing therapeutics to cost-effectively improve cardiovascular health.

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Get to know Amarin

Who is Amarin? Amarin is a global pharmaceutical company that has developed and is pursuing additional treatments to help address cardiovascular disease. Amarin is relentless in its pursuit of scientific breakthroughs that can lead to revolutionary solutions that create a healthier world. Find out more about who we are, where we're going and what we stand for below.

About Amarin
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Amarin History

Find out how Amarin has been creating a new paradigm in cardiovascular disease management for more than three decades.

Amarin Vision

Amarin envisions a world where cardiovascular disease is NOT the leading cause of death worldwide.

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A rapidly growing international leader, in the fight to address cardiovascular disease.

Amarin focuses on a BOLD vision to stop cardiovascular disease from being a leading cause of death worldwide.

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Amarin is making a positive impact on cardiovascular health across the world. Find out where we're located.

About Amarin
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Amarin is a leading cardiovascular health pharmaceutical company. As leaders, we apply science, research, passion and global knowledge to ensure we further our vision of stopping cardiovascular disease from being a leading cause of death. To achieve this vision, we take a strategic approach to management and financial responsibility.

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Learn more about Amarin’s revenue, expenses, profit and loss, as well as a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial health.

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Gain new insights into Amarin’s performance and corporate commitments.

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Envisioning a Better Future

Amarin Corporation is a rapidly growing innovative pharmaceutical company, focused on developing and pursuing additional therapeutics to cost-effectively address cardiovascular health worldwide. At Amarin, we are committed to the millions of people across the world at risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.



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