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A Global Leader in Cardiovascular Disease

Amarin is a global pharmaceutical company, focused on addressing cardiovascular health. We apply science, passion, and our global resources to support our BOLD vision to stop cardiovascular disease from being a leading cause of death worldwide and to significantly improve lives.

Amarin at a Glance

Amarin focuses on cardiovascular health on a global scale. Redefining the cardiovascular industry, Amarin boasts a skillful team of passionate employees and leaders – all BOLDLY working toward our vision. 


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Setting a BOLD Vision into Action

Amarin is setting our BOLD vision into action by providing millions of people worldwide with a cardiovascular disease treatment with proven results. Our products are marketed by Amarin's commercial team and/or sold through commercial partners in numerous key markets throughout the world, with submissions seeking approval of our prescription drug under regulatory reviews in many other countries around the world.

Our vision

Rethinking Cardiovascular Care. Reducing Cardiovascular Risk.


BOLD Leadership

There are numerous traits that make great business leaders, such as being able to encourage others and having a clear vision that others can believe in. At Amarin, we also believe that long-term success can only be achieved through excellent leadership – like our fearlessly BOLD team of executive leaders. 


Find out more about what Amarin does, how we do it and why we’re a global leader in the fight against cardiovascular disease.


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With decades of expertise in the cardiometabolic & pharma industry, we're committed to Amarin’s BOLD mission.

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Amarin partners with organizations globally to bring innovation and quality to our patients around the world.

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